Turning life’s struggles into personal transformation.

Life is messy.
Use the mess to dig deeper with your feelings and needs.
You’ll feel better.

Check this out, something awful happens and you’re flooded with uncomfortable feelings. Your car won’t start and your kid’s having a tantrum or my personal favourite; the relationship or work issue that just won’t go away.

Uncomfortably painful feelings suck.

Two kinds of strategies to deal with the painful parts of life:
A.Long-suffering strategies (avoid these)
B.Healing strategies (choose these)

Long-suffering strategies:
Denial: Ignore painful issues and feelings while crossing fingers they will go away.
Numbing: Using booze, food and Netflix to cope.
Rage: Stuck in frustration and rage as demonstrated by your ongoing rants.

p.s…I am embarrassingly familiar with all of these long-suffering strategies.

Healing strategies:
Self-Empathy: Uncover your true feelings and needs with the Rx Empathy kit.
Trust: Stop for a moment and step out of your life struggle. Trust your inner wisdom to reframe your struggle and uncover steps for personal growth and new possibilities.
Restorative Action steps: Uncover positive action steps to meet your needs and make a better life possible.

p.s… These healing strategies are what took my life from struggle to personal transformation which changed my life for the better.

The truth is, life gets better if you stop denying, numbing and highjacking your feelings. I know it sounds scary to dive into your feelings but trust me it will be the best journey you will ever take. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and Brene Brown’s work on vulnerability point directly to the importance of honouring your feelings. Ultimately you have to ask yourself if you want to stay in a long-suffering life or move on to an authentic and juicy adventure.

Using my feelings and needs to go deeper was a game-changer for me. The dramatic personal growth and positive shifts I experienced became the impetus for creating the Rx Empathy kit. The kit contains; feelings, needs, strategies and inspiration cards along with an instruction guide. Rx Empathy kit helps you take life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities for self-discovery. You will experience insights into healing strategies that will change your life for the better. The inspiration cards add a layer of depth and meaning to the empathic process.

Ready to bring your truest self out to play?
Join me and discover how empathy can make life better.

I have feelings
I have needs
I matter.

Check out my Rx Empathy blog and videos where I use the empathy kit to navigate my messy and challenging life.

If you are feeling frustrated and fed up, know that you are not alone. This human experience is challenging for most of us. The challenges of life are part of the journey. An empathic practice will take your journey from surviving to thriving.

Order yourself a kit and start your personal transformation with me.

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Turning life’s struggles into personal transformation.

The Rx Empathy kit consists of 4 decks of cards; feelings, needs, actions and inspiration.
This powerful toolkit brings clarity and insights to the challenges we face.
It is a pathway to uncovering your authentic self.

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