The standard American diet isn’t working. I know, call me Captain Obvious. The rising levels of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease and arguably cancer are the true calling cards of this deadly diet. Our food chain is so heavily influenced by corporate farming it’s no wonder we’re in this mess. These corporations (meat and dairy for example) are concerned with profit, not your health. Now this is where you come in. As a person who gives a damn, you are going open your eyes to the marketing campaigns that have influenced your beliefs and habits over the years. You will need to step out of mainstream thinking, yes, I am asking you to leave the herd and take a look at what excellent evidence based, peer reviewed science is showing us: a plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat and one of the most effective ways to address climate change issues, and the horrors of factory farming. I think the documentary Earthlings should be mandatory for meat eaters. If you haven’t seen it, prepare yourself, it’s not called ‘The Vegan Maker” for nothing. Becoming a plant eater is a smart thing to do. This website will help you.

It was 2006 when I started to give a damn. At 44 my life was a mess. I needed to address my bad marriage, out of control children and general lack of quality in my life. I was either exhausted or hopped up on coffee. I decided to do something about this madness, cause that’s what give-a-damners do. I decided to start with my own health and wellbeing (more about the rest of the mess later) so I started researching how to eat for maximum health, as well I initiated health practices like journaling, empathy practices, therapy, meditating and regular exercise.

I read a number of books that lead me to become a plant eater but the ones that stick out are T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study and Caldwell Esselsyn’s How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. I then took the Cornell course on Plant Based Nutrition, went to school to become a plant based cook and I was officially hooked and a card carrying Plant Eater. Becoming a plant eater changed my experience as a struggling middle-aged frump to a lean, energetic and kick-ass woman. I chose to be a plant eater for health reasons, likely my nursing background laid the foundation for my focus on wellness, however eventually my inner geek read and realized I was also helping the planet and thankfully no longer an unwilling participant in those grizzly factory farms. Here is another crazy-awesome side effect of being a plant eater. You stop worrying and suffering from food angst. I know what I eat, it’s simple, my house is stocked and I do meal prep once a week to make it easy. I feel physically fantastic but on top of that these habits have freed my mind for a better quality of life including some exciting creative projects. You see, becoming a plant eater is quite often the tipping point for a better quality of life, period.
I salute you and your kick-ass attitude. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you have already joined those of us mustering the courage to make our lives great while pushing ourselves to make contributions to this big beautiful and messy world of ours.

Pull up a chair, I’m glad you are here.

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