Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired??
We get it.
Be prepared to transform your life.

This workshop will give you all you need to start cooking and eating plant based.  Hands on cooking sessions at each session, as well as a powerful mindfulness practice, to support the transition.

Each workshop consists of two Saturday sessions.  Attendance is required at both sessions.

Location: Oakville, Ontario
Time: 10 am to 4pm

This course is run by Jane Lennon and Shelley Peters.

Both Jane and Shelley have nursing backgrounds, are professional cooks, have mindfulness training and are passionate about eating a plant based diet.

Shelley (vegan for 10 years) has Cornell Plant Based Nutrition Certification, Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Cooking Certification and is the founder of the Rx Empathy kit. Shelley shares her recipes and tips for a vegan life at Rx Shelley Peters on FB and #rxshelleypeters on instagram.

Jane (vegan for 2 years) is trained in managing food addiction and has been creating amazing recipes for years, while running her catering and cake business, The Food Fairy.  Jane is currently working on a vegan cookbook, Jane’s Excellent Recipes.

These ladies will inspire you to begin your plant based journey for a healthy body and mind.

Here’s what you will walk away with when you complete the Rx Vegan Essentials Workshop;

  • Comprehensive information binder
  • Hands on experience cooking vegan dishes.
  • Delicious vegan recipes
  • A full belly from a delicious vegan lunch, you’ll help to make!
  • Guidance on how to shop, eat out and read labels
  • Step by step on how to veganize your favourite recipes
  • A mindfulness technique using the Rx Empathy Kit, to make the transition easier.
  • Support to answer all of your questions, as well as membership to our community FB page
  • A list of resources (books/apps/documentaries/leaders to follow)
  • New friends, also on a journey to better health and graceful aging.

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Food Allergen Policy
Although every effort is made to safe-guard our clients from food allergens during our classes it is impossible to guarantee 100% that you will not come into contact with them. Therefore if you have any food allergies it is your responsibility to notify the instructor at the start of the program so additional steps may be taken to safeguard you and others.

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