The Power of Living with Intention


Dearest Friend,


On my office whiteboard, I have a message to myself;


turning 60 is both a privilege and an opportunity


I want a daily reminder to treat my life with both reverence and intention.

It’s so easy to let the days fall away without actually deciding what I want with the rest of my life.  Last week’s questions line up beautifully with this sentiment.


  1. Am I doing what I want to do?


For me, the answer is mostly.  I have a bunch of excellent wellness practices that keep me physically and mentally in good shape.  I have a creative outlet in writing this blog, and I am geeking out on my latest financial book and budgeting system.  I am even in a relationship now, after ten years of mastering the single life.  The only thing I want to do more of…..drum roll please……. have more fun.


I want to play more sports and do more arts and crafts.  I want my life to be at times like going to camp, outdoors, games, friends, laughter and even smores.


My plant-based lifestyle and daily workouts mean I am in good shape and primed to pick up my tennis racket, golf clubs and who knows, maybe even sign up for my first 10k.  Taking up a fun sport is a great way to nudge your eating and workout habits to the next level and maintain motivation. 


At the end of 2021, when I ask myself this question again, I expect the answer to be a resounding YES, I am doing what I want to do with my life.


  1. Am I honest with myself?


This question always makes me a little uncomfortable.  I spent years in the haze of a gaslit marriage to a narcissist where honestly is not welcome. Being honest with myself and others is paramount in my new life.  After many years of learning how to look at the truth and feel the uncomfortable facts wash over me, I can answer yes to this question.  I discovered early on that this is an essential first step in making your life better.  I use my journal to write about anything that brings discomfort and where I risk turning away from the truth.  


  1. What’s missing from my life?


No surprise that the answer to this question relates to what I want to do more of in my life…have fun.  I want my leisure life to be as important to me as the rest of my responsibilities.  Now that my kid’s activities are no longer my responsibility, I can get back to what I loved to do as a kid; tennis, ride my bike, run, and ski.  I’m going to add a few new activities like golf, drawing and piano. 


No matter what age you are, this is a great exercise to make your life more intentional.  The beauty of being older is how much more time you have to enjoy life and celebrate your health and well-being for as long as you can.  


How did you answer these three questions? 




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